Movie Life Episode 1: Meet the Cast

In the first episode of “Movie Life” we meet the six actors and actresses, learn where they are from, and what brought them to be a part of Evil Weed the movie.

We meet Cynthia in her apartment. She is from Rochester in upstate New York and went to Fordham for acting. Nick talks from his apartment about his longstanding friendship with David. While he really likes scary movies, he is not an actor and has only appeared in David’s first few amateur films. Genevieve was born and raised in NY. She is a member of the UBE ensemble, whose current show “Pre-Disposal” is performing at the Access Theatre. Ryan films himself on a train. He was born in the Philippines and raised in Portland, Oregon. He went to college in Jersey and has been acting his entire life. He was in his first commercial when he was 1 and is still recognized for his kids film We Sing in Sillyville. We learn from Bekim, walking through Tompkins Square Park, that he is from Atlanta Georgia and permanently moved to NYC in 2005. He started acting classes at 21, and enjoys lots of green and water. Brianna is on St. Marks. She is Canadian and moved to NY two and a half years ago. She studied at the William Ester Studio and is a self-proclaimed slashie–she models and acts. At the first production meeting at Gin Lane Media, David predicts the problems and crazy drama that will be literally nonstop during filming.

Music by The Lost Boys


This is awesome


Cool stuff - can't wait to see more behind-the-scenes action. Cat fights, sexy off-screen kisses, and totally f*cked up moments are hopefully on the way.

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