Episode 7: The Underwater Scene

Bart, the director of photography, brings the camera into the pool for the first time. Ryan and Brianna shoot the first scene of the day on rafts and Ryan has a little trouble. Underwater shots are taken and an apparatus has to be created for underwater breathing.

After being delayed, David is trying to get the film back on schedule. He impatiently instructs Ryan how to balance on the barely inflated raft in the pool, “Accept it, physics will take over,” he says. The first scene of the day involves underwater shots, requiring a $7,000 camera, the only one for the shoot, to be submerged. In an aside to the camera, David explains how he placed a call to a photo place unbeknownst to the DP to get a new camera if things go south. Bart’s breathing apparatus isn’t working; he freaks out, and can’t breathe. The shoot is falling further behind schedule. David steps up to serve as the cameraman and films the shot, boasting that he can hold his breath under water for a while. They finally get it done swimmingly.

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