Episode 11: The Photoshoot

David gets a brilliant idea. Cynthia almost ruins her ankle. Gen does her photoshoot.

On the spur of the moment, David sets up a Titanic-esque shot in the kitchen involving a bloody handprint on the stainless steel refrigerator. Brianna goes downstairs to “makeup” to get more blood for the scene. During an outdoor shot, Cynthia elegantly twists her ankle sliding into a pool filter, flipping the lid, and making for a great slow-motion instant replay... and creates some footage for the blooper reel. She is quite the trooper, though, and insists they continue without ice and without skipping a beat. After the day of shooting, Genevieve poses poolside for the Movie Life photo series. Her props include an inflated ball and shark mobile. After the shoot, the cast and crew partake in some R & R in the hot tub and have a makeshift dance party. Bekim gets really into it, and David feels optimistic about the film. “We are killing it, literally.”


haha this is great

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