Episode 10: The Meltdown

David melts down. Bekim and Cynthia have their sex scene.

Tensions rise and David is worried about lawsuits. He is very agitated that they set up to shoot the sex scene in a room that is off limits, and he makes everyone get out of the room. Shane and he decide on an alternative that allows them to get away with shooting the scene in front of a wall. Bekim and Cynthia listen to music and debrief the camera regarding their sex scene that was shot first thing in the morning. With the time running out, David needs to be at two places at once, and Bart is left alone to direct Nick’s regurgitation scene in the bathroom. Shane preps the corn and oatmeal concoction and Nick is grossed out. The episode ends poolside, with David telling everyone that for this scene they have to go off-script. He admits how crazy things are and insists that everyone just trust him to make it work.


All of my questions settled—thkans!

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